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Have you failed to make money online? Here’s why

Have you been pursuing your online endeavor for a time and still not earning any profit? Are you tired of following the schemes of some popular blogs regarding the methods of making money online yet end up in vain? Are you sick of implementing money makers on your site that does not serve its purpose?

You may tell yourself you have the right niche and know the mechanics of how to blog. You have learned about marketing, you have learned the avenues on which you can monetize online—still, nothing brings you closer from any tangible result.

Perhaps its time for you to halt and listen to these short piece of advice I have learned as I trudge my way in deciphering the trick on really earning online.

To earn online, you have to thrive and be patient

The first test of any online endeavor is patience: and very few pass this test! The reason there are many earn-quick schemes on the internet is due to the fact that there are many who actually believe that earning online is easy; they think that by just starting a blog and putting a hodgepodge of advertisements is enough to spill the cash.

Remember, making money online is a business, and like any other business, one must thrive to make it grow and practice patience amidst the seeming endless road.  If you implement this virtue, opportunities will surely come along the way.

Making money online requires trial and error

Adsense may be a good avenue for earning money online but will it work for everyone? Many a-list bloggers will tell you that they have earned tons of cash through affiliates, e-books, coaching, etc., and they suggest you follow the same. The truth though is that some will work and others will not; your job is find what will fit your niche and focus on it. If one form of money-making method does not work, let it go and try another one. Try and try until you find that duck that lays the golden egg.

Making money online means formulating your own strategy

The possibilities are endless when it comes to generating income online. Have you observed those who are successful with their online endeavors? They formulate a way over which their product/service will stand above the rest. And one way they do this is incorporating their uniqueness on the methods they formulate. Finding the right prospect is not enough; competitors will always be on your way. Rising above your competitors means you have something the rest don’t have. Find that something and use it to your advantage.


Perhaps I am not an authority when it comes to money making online, but it is said that experience is the best teacher. What I have shared here are the knowledge I have earned as I find my way to succeed online. Yes I am finally earning after a time of seeming frustration—but such indeed is also part of the process.

Open your eyes…

Know what works…

Don’t be afraid to fail…

Experiment with the methods…

…and believe me that somewhere along these paths your reward awaits.


Finding it hard to even start with your goals?

Whether it’s breaking from poverty, getting your dream job, succeeding in business endeavors, losing weight, finding employment, getting a harmonious relationship, acquiring wealth and power, writing that bestselling book or any goals you want to materialize, there’s a force within you that will always inhibit you from achieving success. 99% of those who attempted with their goals fail, and the reason is their lack of knowledge about their very own participation in their failures. Our early conditioning programs us to fail but by identifying and overcoming them, success will favor your efforts. Let me help you in identifying them in my ebook below at a very low expense on your part.

Download your copy here

Only if you find necessary


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11 Responses to “Have you failed to make money online? Here’s why”

  1. Fred Tracy says:

    Very interesting article.

    I think the most important thing, like you mentioned, is simply to be patient and consistent. Everything else will fall into place if you can keep doing what you’re doing.

    Of course, it also helps to have a brilliant strategy to work from!
    Fred Tracy recently posted..How to Never Get Bored AgainMy Profile

  2. Aaron says:

    Just what I needed as I work to make a go of it through my online endeavors. I am impatient! Thanks for the great reminders.

    Aaron recently posted..The The 25th Hour: 6 Ways To Find More TimeMy Profile

  3. Hi Walter,

    The point about patience is probably the hardest one to overcome.

    Pressure comes from the top down to generate traffic, leads, and sales and to do it quickly.

    As you know, audiences don’t flock to you over night, relationships happen over time, and recognition spreads accordingly.

    Often looking back several months you can see what kind of progress you truly have made.

    Thanks for the tips,

    Bryce Christiansen recently posted..A Crash Course On DISC: Assessment Series Part 3My Profile

  4. Anna says:

    I think that now patient is my problem… sometime it’s not easy to be patient :-) Anna recently posted..How to improve your relationshipMy Profile

  5. This are such essential tips, Walter! You know, I had always shied away from business and entrepreneurship, so now that I find myself freelancing, I need all the help I can get! =) I especially value your point about trial and error — we’re all unique and we don’t know what will work for us. That’s why we need to keep on learning and growing!

    So glad you reached out and that we’ve met! =) Looking forward to absorbing more insights from you in the future!
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..A Versatile Blogger in PeruMy Profile

    • Hezi says:

      I saw Walter comment on my blog, came here to watch his blog, and now I see you are here as well :)
      Walter, I liked your post. Happy to hear that you have started making money online. Maybe we should chat and exchange some tips. I completely agree about the trial and error, too, Samantha. I believe that every hero was once a zero, so it takes a lot of failing until you make it right.
      Hezi recently posted..The Only Reason People Will Join YouMy Profile

  6. Hi Walter,

    I am new to your site and am happy to have found you giving these great advice on this post.

    We all who are serious about blogging knows that patience is crucial. It’s a slow and steady process but success will always come to those that persevere. The formula always work.

    Personally for me blogging is a process that clarified my purpose. I tried different niches that I thought was the thing for me. Eventually I stopped on earlier ones because I was no longer happy blogging about this. It forced me to look deeper and finally I am rewarded by what I am doing currently.

    Your advice here will certainly help me to reach new heights.

    Thank you
    Jimmy/Life Architects recently posted..25 Elementary Principles for Success in Life – Principle 21My Profile

  7. Grady Pruitt says:

    These are all some great tips, but I think you left out one critical one:

    It takes work! In my situation, I knew I wasn’t putting in the effort, rather than a failure in whatever training programs I was learning from. I see too many others complain that a particular method doesn’t. When you look at what they have done, it’s either not much or they are ignoring every suggestion being thrown at them.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..The 3 Secrets of a Happy MarriageMy Profile

  8. Jason says:

    There is money to be earned online and that is a fact. I agree on being patient and applying different strategies to increase traffic. I agree on formulating a unique strategy to rise above competitors.
    Jason recently dating bookMy Profile

  9. Lessa says:

    Been patient and persistant are the two essential elements. Seeing a little money coming in can be a real motivator, however, you need to work hard to get to that stage.

    I have worked on my blogs for almost a year and never made a penny, I have seen a cheque for $150 each of the last 2 months and motivation is now at an all time high.
    Lessa recently posted..Young Driver InsuranceMy Profile

  10. Clara says:

    It may sound simplistic, but keyword research is key in making money. After that, it’s just a system of getting on the first page of search engines. Again, not hard if you pick the right keywords.
    Clara recently posted..Are You Addicted to Food That’s Destroying Your Health?My Profile

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