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Want to crack the secret of peace and happiness?


In my moments of despair or boredom I find momentary delight in the numbing (and ecstatic) spell of my favorite beverage—beer. Not only do I experience peace and happiness, I also found a bit of clarity amongst the sea of confusion. Nope. This post is not about beer. I have just used the object of beer as one avenue over which to experience joy.

There are many of us groping along the how to happiness paths; we ask ourselves about how to find peace and how to find happiness. We wonder of how to mind control our own minds to keep it fixed on the experience of delight, yet we find it fleeting. Permanence is indeed not the rule of life, each state of experience has its own time; and such explains why happiness and peace can never be as lasting as we want them to be— chaos and despair must make their turn.

The error among many is that they believe that the experience of eternal bliss is possible. They try everything to evade the bitter experiences of life and jump on the experience of happiness as if it could be attained without a price. With our present time, we fool ourselves into finding happiness in the form of substance abuse, frenetic activities and precarious thrill-seeking—I myself am one of those fools. Later on however, one will find that such shallow forms of happiness may one day compromise one’s well-being.

While one may find happiness in bottles, holes, pills, party, power, fame and anything that alleviates the ego, one will realize that in the long run such are but funnels that leads to emptiness. Honestly, I feel really good if I entrench myself with liquor. I do find peace and happiness—and I would rather drink than to waste my mental energy lamenting about life’s shortcomings. However, there’s a catch, I must learn not to allow myself to get dependent on it. Peace comes to letting go; happiness comes after tears have passed; but reliance to evasive practices would lead to hopelessness.

Of course, balance is everything. If you find it hard to accept the disappointments of life, you may numb yourself through activities that bring euphoria. But as I’ve said, don’t make it a habit; consider it as a sort of finding a ground on which to balance. Get a bottle of beer and enjoy binging, but tomorrow, face your battle; aspire for fame or power, but never chase them; be adventurous, but don’t get addicted to its adrenaline.  Genuine peace and happiness can only be achieved through overcoming the bitter struggles we experience in life.

When you fail at something, grow from it and don’t get stuck lamenting.

When you make mistakes, live with it

When you fall, learn to get up and continue with your stride

When things don’t go as you’ve expected, don’t allow yourself to resist

When you lose something you love, let it go. Let the pain make you stronger

When a door closes at you, find an open one

Peace and happiness can only be achieved if we go with the flow of life (however thorny). Yes we may experience the bitterness of it all; but at the end we will reap the much longed for reward.

As I depart, let me ask you: What makes peace and happiness possible?


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7 Responses to “Want to crack the secret of peace and happiness?”

  1. Anna says:

    I love these sentences. they are short but precise and very very true. espcially this one “When you fall, learn to get up and continue with your stride” if you know how to do it, you focus on the important stuff in life, and you can be a happy person.
    Anna recently posted..How to improve your relationshipMy Profile

  2. Erin says:

    Awesome post, thank you so much!
    I learned it the hard way, we need to be willing to accept all the bad things as well as the good things in life this way we are not attached to our thoughts and we feel more peaceful and balanced :P Erin recently posted..Golf Swing Tempo Drills -Basic Drills to Improve Your Golf Swing TempoMy Profile

  3. Good article. I can rave about the incredible benefits of meditation. I definitely feel that it creates more happiness and increases inner peace in my life.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..How to Reach Any GoalMy Profile

  4. rob white says:

    I love your honesty, Walter. Indeed, between overly rigorous practice and over indulgence in sensual pleasures there is a balance to be found. I love a good beer too, but escape with alcohol can be a downward spiral. We need not painfully endure anything – all misfortunes have golden nuggets hidden deep in them, but we will not find the nugget if we are looking at our life from a ‘poor me’ attitude!

  5. Hi Walter,
    I enjoy a beer or three. That aside, I think you take each moment & enjoy. Be grateful for what you have and look forward to having more of it. Be kind to others & keep your thoughts in the positive.
    be good to yourself

  6. Christy says:

    “When you fail at something, grow from it and don’t get stuck lamenting.” I love these words.

  7. bili says:

    The truth that I would not mind a good glass of beer for now:)
    Happiness is an eternal state. And if it depends on something like beer for example, probably that’s not real. Not so?!
    bili recently posted..Vegetable growing – Grow your food by yourself !!My Profile

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