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Characteristics of a disliked person

Being social animals, it’s natural for us to mingle with each other; however, there are people we easily get comfortable with and there are those we immediately dislike.

I’m sure we all have encounters with certain types of people whom we don’t want to get in contact with: their quirks and attitudes have made impossible our further civilities with them. While these certain people may be unique in their own ways, most of them exhibit attitudes or behavior that inflicts negative impressions upon others.

Perhaps you’ll find despicable these types of character:


Narcissist – a person who has excessive love or admiration of oneself

These types of people have such a low esteem that they seek the attention of others in an inappropriate manner. I find it really annoying how they interject in a conversation and give their thoughts or opinions as if they were experts or authorities. While it’s very obvious that they are pushing themselves at the center of attention, they’ve become unaware of how they’re being despised by others.


Bigot – One who is partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

When it comes to meetings, general assembly or serious talks, this type of character will inhibit any progress. They are so closed minded that it makes impossible the induction of any viable argument. If you were with a bigot, it makes no sense to have a meaningful discussion with them.


Know-it-all person – one who thinks he knows everything.

It amazes me how certain types of people tend to believe they know everything. They love to enforce their thoughts on anything even if it’s wrong; and acknowledging their ignorance on certain matter is the last thing they will ever admit.


Tactless – insensitive to the feelings of others.

Don’t you want to strangle someone when they have been so irresponsible with their words and actions? This world is full of people who don’t give a damn about the feelings of others; it does not matter if they hurt others so long as they are able to express themselves. These people are purely selfish.


Arrogant – a person who is overly convinced of his own superiority and importance.

I cant’ last a minute with this character. Like the narcissist they want dominance. They like to present themselves in ways that would further alleviate their already bloated ego— always wanting to be heard and attended to, and loathes being ignored.  I wonder how crushed are their self-esteem.


Nitpicker – an individual who finds fault, often severely and willfully

My apologies to the opposite sex but I find most women to be naturally gifted with this annoying characteristic (I’m so dead when my wife reads this :-)). While there may be valid reasons for a certain person to nitpick, it should not be done all the time. Continuous nitpicking would only result in stonewalling.


What about you? What makes you dislike a person?


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4 Responses to “Characteristics of a disliked person”

  1. Henway says:

    It depends on the situation I’m in. If it’s at work, I dislike people who are lazy and don’t get their part of the work done. If it’s among relatives, I hate people who think they know all the answers to life, and tell you how to live. If it’s just regular strangers, I hate people who are inconsiderate, and think you dun exist.
    Henway recently posted..Godaddy ExperienceMy Profile

  2. Johanna says:

    Hi Walter,
    Nobody is perfect in this world. There are other people who dislike some characteristics we have, even if there are others who don’t mind or don’t see it that way. Particularly what I don’t like in some persons are those who think highly of themselves especially when they ask things from me related to my work or what my lifestyle is. I normally don’t brag about myself to other people, only those who are really really close to me such as my mom, brothers, sister-in-law and most of the times, my husband. :D
    Thanks for sharing!
    Johanna recently posted..Conventional vs Conversational English when Commenting on BlogsMy Profile

  3. Dana says:

    I hate people that bossy to much — who always tell what to do what to not. But, yeah, I think I should bare it since there are many people have that bossy characteristic.
    Dana recently posted..BlackBerry PlayBook LTE and HSPA Tablet PCMy Profile

  4. Bob Miller says:

    I’m afraid I have to disagree. People dislike other people for a wide variety of reasons, not just the ones mentioned. I know people with all those qualities you have mentioned who are doing brilliantly on a social level in life. I think one needs to dig a bit deeper here. :wink:
    -Bob from Karate Table View

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