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Relationship coaching and counseling

When we enter a relationship it is inevitable that we open ourselves to our vulnerabilities. While escape has been the preferred route of many, there are those who see it worth fighting as they find it as a means of alleviating themselves for the better. Problem arises when we lack the knowledge of properly addressing any relationship challenges that come to us—this is where I can be of help.

My style is non-judgmental for I know that I myself am fallible. What I can do however is to let you see what needs to be seen and give you some pieces of observation on which you can contemplate upon.

Email correspondence has been my preferred mode of communication because I can express what I need to say without the urgency of immediate response like that of video or telephone exchange.

You can email me your relationship issues and will promptly response. My first response is free of charge and it’s up to you if you’ll find it helpful or not. If my correspondence has satisfied you and find it needing more I will ask for a little assistance of $7 for my next reply.

Whether its marriage, family, friendship or boyfriend/girlfriend problem, it’s all worthy if someone will help you traverse such enigmatic relationship conflicts.  Let me be that someone for you.  :-)

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