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A better life starts with a decision

Many times I have asked: Why there are those who enjoy the good things in life while others don’t? What puzzles me even more is that those who are enjoying a better life are relatively few, the rest are suffering a life of discontent.

Is it the person’s circumstance that decides his/her lot? Or does one’s life decision play an important role in influencing his/her situation in life?

I wish I could easily say yes to the latter question, but in reality we are mostly enslaved by the circumstances surrounding us. What we perceived as unchangeable we readily accept as facts, not realizing our capacity to affect major alterations.

“The power to influence our fate is bestowed upon us.”

Having been born to a less than modest lot, I used to think that I will lead such condition for the rest of my life. However, something has made me realized that I can steer my situation to a better one: what I just need is to make a decision and be serious with it. When I was in my early years I was surrounded by recklessness, temptations and irresponsibility. My father lead a bad health example by being a chain smoker; my peers were pressuring me to put much premium on precarious activities rather than focusing on education; lack of resources have impaired my eagerness to do well in my studies; and being the eldest has necessitated responsibility upon my shoulders.

Perhaps it is by grace that my reason is more dominant than my blind urges. As I contemplate about what’s happening I have made an analysis about my future if I surrender to the influences surrounding me. It was very easy to give in, but the words of my father always nag on my thoughts: “My son, I’m just a poor man and the only thing I can leave you is the education you are now enjoying. Embrace it for it will give you the treasures you aspire in life.”

With such admonitions a decision I have made. I told myself that I will educate myself as much as I could. Through books, schooling and keen observation, I have tried to learn many facts about the reality of life. Since what I sow today I shall reap tomorrow I did my best to plant a good seed. And though I know that I will trudge along I know that it is for the better.

Though the path I chose has rewarded me, it has never been without bumps, but at least it has alleviated my life to a much better one. As I look back, I was glad to have made a good decision. But I was saddened to see some of characters of my past that have suffered because they did not make the same decision: my dear father died from his smoking habits and most of my happy-go-lucky peers are now living in less than ordinary existence.

A lot of us have been enslaved by our ignorance, false belief, impulse, impatience and arrogance.  We see things according to our early programming and we live them out as if they were absolutes; in effect, we don’t see the real thing. It is only by being aware that we can truly see the bigger picture. But such awareness we have stifled most of the time, and it is only by making the decision to allow it that we can liberate ourselves from our blindness.

Stop at where you are and look upon yourself. Do you like what you see? If not then make a decision to change it. Do not believe when a part of yourself tells you its impossible—that’s your false self that’s been crippling you for so long. Emancipate from your old beliefs and try to discover the infinite part of yourself—which is capable of doing anything. Make a decision to go for the better and an opportunity will come your way.

There’s no such thing as “it’s too late.” As long as we live we can affect change unto our lives. No matter how devastated we have been in the past, there’s always a new beginning so long as we decide on it.

As I depart, let me share with you this short video about a homeless man with a God-given gift of a golden voice. See his hope and faith and tell me what will become of him.


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7 Responses to “A better life starts with a decision”

  1. Henway says:

    Great post… and even the decision to change your attitude about life is a decision that can be made, no matter how rough your past was. We can choose to be content and grateful for what we have, instead of searching for more and more.
    Henway recently posted..My First Colon CleanseMy Profile

  2. Patti Foy says:

    Hi Walter,
    Good food for thought, here. I zeroed in on your sentence “We see things according to our early programming and we live them out as if they were absolutes; in effect, we don’t see the real thing.”
    I’m not a fatalist but lately do find myself wondering if we are ever able to escape from our conditioning. I’ve always thought we have free will, but lately wonder where in our conditioning it really can sneak in.
    I think your article is perfect, though, for if we do have free will, it begins with making that empowering choice you speak of.
    Thank you!
    Patti Foy recently posted..Dare to Bop Fear in the NO’s and Enjoy the Euphoria of YESMy Profile

  3. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Walter, a very inspiring post, a call to change for all of us. Sadly the video is no longer available. I have heard the story, would have been nice to see the video. Happy New Year to you.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..A New Year BeginsMy Profile

  4. Wonder post. That video is every where now. Glad you caught on.
    jonathanfigaro recently posted..Guest PostMy Profile

  5. Gera says:

    Hi Walter,

    Really an inspirational article! I saw this video and was shocking how this man found the rock bottom and now is improving after the video.

    The life can be tricky but sometimes rewarding.

    All the best,

    Gera recently posted..Guest Post on BizChickBlogs – Best of the Week in Blogging- Social Media- Food- Facebook and Internet ToolsMy Profile

  6. Walter: What a great inspirational message. It really points us to the truth that we can make a decision to change how we see things and choose to make right decisions that will positively impact our lives. I thought this was a really powerful post. Thanks for all the wisdom.
    Sibyl – alternaview recently posted..Why You Should Take Chances to Make Things HappenMy Profile

  7. Hey Walter, it is so true that we become conditioned to think within a confined zone or beliefs and limit our future hope by our current constraints.

    Breaking free of this thinking cycle is not possible without first recognising and accepting that it exists.

    Your post helps highlight the problem and I appreciate that.

    Have you got an ebook cover creator? I have a free one I picked up from a PLR site that I am allowed to give away. If you have photoshop it will do a good job of spicing up that ebook cover image you have at the end of your post.

    Send me an email and I will post it over.


    Michael Pedzotti recently posted..How many visitors do you need to make a decent online incomeMy Profile

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