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Fed up with your job? Stop torturing yourself

For the rest of us, having a job is a necessity, but it also espouses work stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction. At certain point we get fed up and want to quit.

Yet we can’t.

Deadlines, pressure, conflict, boredom, annoying co-workers, twisted work culture, corrupt bureaucracy, egoistic boss, politics, etc, all add up to make our work life undesirable. But since our job provides us—and our loved ones—with the basic necessities for our sustenance, there’s no other choice but to endure.

But for how long?

Think about it, even before you sit on your office table to do your work routine, early morning traffic alone had already robbed a bit of your sanity. You’re bored, you hate your job, you hate the unfair management, your talent is being wasted, you don’t get promoted, you don’t get a raise, and you’re always scared about the possibility of downsizing. All of this you experience because you are working for someone, and you have no control.

While having a job is very important. Is it worth the suffering you experience?

Ponder upon this: there are lots of alternatives to earn without finding yourself in the confines of the traditional workplace. Find them and act upon them.

Why should you kill yourself from the stresses of your current job when you can invest your time and energy devising ways of generating your own means of sustenance?

Our present time is overflowing with opportunities that provide an escape from the 9 to 5 stress-prone work routine. You can either start a small business venture of your choice, or be an affiliate marketer, or write a book, or do mentoring/coaching services, or be a real estate agent. There are many possibilities once you open your eyes and stop looking at your current job as the only source of your bread and butter.

You may wonder: “With my current job eating all my energy, where shall I find the time?

You’ll always have the time once you decide you have the time. Period!

Look at how you can easily find the time when it comes to your habits (smoking, drinking, shopping, television, sports activities, good time with friends, etc.) Don’t you think you can incorporate the same eagerness when it comes to planning your way out of the cubicle world? Also, observe the time you have wasted on blaming, brooding, criticizing, cursing and complaining on your workplace; would it be productive on your part if you could channel those negative responses into finding alternative ways of income generation?

Perhaps you may be happy with your job, but have you thought about how secured you are with your current job? Company collapses; retirement age has been pulled to a younger age; and there are lots of downsizing, merging and reorganization happening in the workforce. You can never be secured with your job.

Therefore, you must have job that can last and in your full control. And nothing is more ideal than being your own boss.


Here’s what you need to do:


- Find an income generation scheme where you are in control.


Franchise (goods or services), one that you can afford

Online business

Product or service of your own that you can offer to others


- Save a portion of your time and money for your chosen investment


- Know what you need to know regarding your chosen endeavor. Preparation is extremely important


- Have the discipline to do something each day related to your goal


- Make implementations now and then to see if you’re getting the results you want


- Learn along the way, evolve and persists.


Instead of preoccupying yourself with the dissatisfactions of your current job, why not do something to change your situation? I have made my suggestions above, and all you need to do is to ACT—right now. You’ve got nothing to lose other than your liberation from the fetters of misery incurred in your job.


Nothing will change unless you decide to make a change. Wishing, hoping and praying will only manifest if you do your part in making an effort.


Do you want to be in control?

Do you want to be happy with what you’re doing?

Do you want to be with the people you’re comfortable with?

Do you want to expand your horizon?

Do you want to have the command of your time?

Do you want to have the break or vacation you want at anytime you feel to?

Do you want to build your self confidence that has been trampled in your current job?


You have the power to make possible what you think is impossible. Give yourself a chance before regret conquers your future.


Finding it hard to even start with your goals?

Whether it’s breaking from poverty, getting your dream job, succeeding in business endeavors, losing weight, finding employment, getting a harmonious relationship, acquiring wealth and power, writing that bestselling book or any goals you want to materialize, there’s a force within you that will always inhibit you from achieving success. 99% of those who attempted with their goals fail, and the reason is their lack of knowledge about their very own participation in their failures. Our early conditioning programs us to fail but by identifying and overcoming them, success will favor your efforts. Let me help you in identifying them in my ebook below at a very low expense on your part.

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9 Responses to “Fed up with your job? Stop torturing yourself”

  1. Elise says:

    Hi Walter, I love the advice you gave here. Entrepreneurship has basically been in my blood for as long as I can remember, and working for someone else has never truly fulfilled me, even though some of the jobs I had were pretty fun and I got to meet and work with a lot of great people. Still, having a boss SUCKS! and trading that huge chunk of time every day for money is more depressing than ever. Great article, I’ll give ‘er a RT on twitter!
    Elise recently posted..The Number One Thing I Wish I Did Before I Got Started OnlineMy Profile

  2. Just as Elise pointed out above, it is very crucial to start working on one’s financial future early other than being dependent on a job to cater for our future. At most, no job guarantees life time financial cash flow, the only true security is one you can control and that is only found in the world of entrepreneurship.

    I like as you were blunt, if you don’t find them for it, it won’t happen by itself. Stopping all those habits that don’t contribute into your financial future is one good way to start. No one will setup a PLAN B for you when you lose that current job, so start now!
    Tito Philips, Jnr. recently posted..How To Be A KING In Your NICHEMy Profile

  3. Wordphix says:

    This is a great read and full of very useful information. I love the energy and emphasis you put into your writing, and I can really feel your passion when I read it. Thank you for this.

  4. Alex Neill says:

    Hi there,

    I am fed up with my job and torturing mysef, I really think it’s time to give myself a break and some breathing space.

    I have many bad habits and not planning ahead is one of them so I guess that’s the first weak link I have to fix.

    Thank you for a very insightful and thought provoking post, I will be sure to put the information to good use.

    Alex Neill recently posted..My Internet Marketing Journey Starts HereMy Profile

  5. Justin Dupre says:


    You nailed it with many great pointers on being your own boss. I couldn’t agree with you more about doing your own thing with a full control.. The freedom and reward is priceless.

  6. Henway says:

    Love this post… I always tell ppl that hate their job that they can take control of their own destiny. It all comes down to desire- do you really want to own ur own business, or own your hours or live the rat race forever?
    Henway recently posted..The Holiday Colon CleanseMy Profile

  7. You’ll always have the time once you decide you have the time. Period!

    Great point. Straight and to the point.

  8. That’s right Walter, making the decision and acting on that decision are very different things.

    Many people may “decide” to do something “one day” but it takes action to turn decisions into destinies. Without that action, it is really “indecision”.

    That offer for the ebook creator for Photoshop is still on :-)

    Michael Pedzotti recently posted..Get indexed in Google in 24 hours or lessMy Profile

  9. Ian Jones says:

    Tito, I really admire your attitude and you’re certainly right when you say that entrepreneurial business gives you the most control over your financial future. Whilst working as an employee can provide structure, elements of security and a clear separation between work and home life,it is rarely as fulfilling as running one’s own enterprise. The key is to find a niche in the market, ensuring that it is something that interests you personally. If you have no knowledge of the area that you wish to target, you must be willing to learn so this interest is of prime importance. It’s so much easier to persevere with something that you have initially established and are passionate about and this is why I would encourage anyone considering entrepreneurship to give it a go.

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