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Magic and the perception of impossibility

life magic

Whenever we witness magic performances done on stage, street or television, we are always mystified at how they are able to perform such impossible feats. We see them defy gravity, science, or even logic; then we ask ourselves: do these magicians have certain mystical powers that enable them to do the unimaginable?

To some it may be so, but to skeptics the question remains—how are they able to do it?

As I watch the television series, Breaking the Magicians Code, I find myself awed at how simple some magic tricks can be and how gullible is my mind into believing that what I’ve witnessed was impossible. Indeed, our minds are so conditioned to what have been that it finds it hard to grasp what is beyond.

The important lesson I have learned about magic is that there are always possibilities to anything. Whence we think that all is that there is about certain facts, magic teaches us that there are ways to any seeming impossibilities; all that is needed is to use our gift of endless creativity.

In life we always encounter impossibilities. The sad fact though is that much of them we have created ourselves—let alone those that have been imposed by popular opinions. As a consequence, we prevent ourselves from tinkering what is on the other side of what we perceive, thus we readily connote as truth what we see or hear.

Let me tell you: each of us can do magic! But in order to do so, we must condition our minds to be open to anything.

Did you know that life is full of possibilities? And of all creations, we are the only creatures gifted with the capacity to materialize anything that our mind conceives. Yes we are special beings, molded under the image of our creator; we have the power to create, transform and destroy. If only each of us could realize this power, this world will be brimming with prosperity. The few innovators and entrepreneurs of this planet are well aware of this inherent gift and are using it to alleviate their conditions in life, as well as that of others; like magic, they are able to find ways to cheat the impossible and use such knowledge for their benefit.

Be open to any possibilities and you’ll be surprised at what you can do. In fact, if you make a thorough observation, you’ll realize that all of the advancements we are currently enjoying are due to the efforts of individuals who did not restrict their creativity, merely because of a seeming impossibility.

Opportunities are everywhere for us to create our own magic. However, there’s an enemy within us that’s prohibiting us from doing wonders and such I have written in my book below. Unless we become aware of them, we won’t be able to use our inherent powers.

Believe in something, even the impossible. When you do, your mind will create ways to make it possible. You have this power in you, use it.



There are many things I have learned about the nature of success; from the library of books I have read and collected, I came to familiarize myself about the principles of achieving what we want in life. Still I find something lacking. Though I made an effort in implementing the principles I have learned, there are forces within me that blocks my success in life. I would always end up finding myself mired in fear, laziness, bitterness and procrastination.

With all my effort I have tried to dissect the reason why I have failed in the pursuance of my aspirations. But then that I found that I am being manipulated by a system within me that is resisting success. Such is the reason I have written this book. I want to share with you the things that are holding us back from succeeding. It is right before us but we are too blind to see it. Because of our tendency to restrict ourselves to the safety of the familiar, we have denied ourselves of the opportunity of reaping the rewards that awaits us.

The book is short, brief and simple. It portrays some aspect of our mentality that prohibits us from achieving our dreams. A simple truth has opened my eyes: No matter how much we acquire the knowledge of gaining success in any field, if we don’t have the knowing of our own selves and seek awareness, there will be no triumph of any form.

See yourself before your mind does; it is only then that you will gain complete control of your self. It will take time to break your self from the habits of the mind, but with awareness, effort and commitment, you will gain mastery.

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10 Responses to “Magic and the perception of impossibility”

  1. Absolutely true words, Walter. Most times it’s not the external factors surrounding us that limits us, but the self imposed internal beliefs that we’ve created over time in our minds.

    Nice post.
    Tito Philips, Jnr. recently posted..5 Ways To Get MORE From Your Business By Doing LESSMy Profile

  2. Dia says:

    Hi Walter,

    Thanks for sharing this post. Congratulations on your book.
    Dia recently posted..How to be more productive in lifeMy Profile

  3. J.D. Meier says:

    I think it’s key to be open to possibilities and staying curious throughout life.

  4. Walter,

    You are very wise and it’s clear you have learn many things from many great teachers. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..Does Clutter Block SuccessMy Profile

  5. Linda G. Cox says:

    I’m so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! You have a wealth of information, I love it! I couldn’t agree more that it’s all in our minds! We have the power if we recognize it!!
    I look forward to networking with you!
    Linda G. Cox recently posted..How to Add Images to WordPress BlogMy Profile

  6. Chelle Bobcott says:

    Walter, This post was amazing and what I have taken from it is never to limit yourself, think out side the box that society puts in, break down all the walls that surround me.

    Chelle Bobcott
    Graphic Designer
    Philips Bulbs

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