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What investment in life do you think is worthy?

Everyday of our lives we do things that shapes our future, yet most of us are not aware of this. The actions and decisions we make today are forms of investments that either benefit or harm us.

I want to know what investments you have considered in your life. Is it worthy? Is it lasting? Did it benefit you in some way so as to alleviate your well being? Or did it just waste your effort?

In my next post I want to explore on what I think are worthy of investing our time and energy.

For now I want to hear your say of this. :-)

15 Responses to “What investment in life do you think is worthy?”

  1. Tiago says:

    There are many things we can invest our time on, but I think that the most important thing someone can invest their website on is personal growth.

    I mean we can invest our time in all sorts of things, but the real lasting thing that will cross time and space is our personal growth and our spiritual growth.

    As long as we are learning, we are investing our time well. This is why working on a job where you can learn nothing is not good. It’s just not a good investment to work somewhere where you are no longer learning anything.

    Learning is the best possible investment we can make for ourselves; If we truly keep gathering wisdom and knowledge then we are becoming stronger and stronger, and as such, better human beings.

    Time and energy can be spent on other things, like doing drugs, and even those things will give you some learning experiences, but at some point you will quickly realize that it’s a dead end and that you’ve learned that, for the most part, it’s bad.

    Finally, there is the question of what to spend our time and energy within the realm of personal growth. Finance? Relationships?

    Where to go next? It’s up to us.
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  2. Andre says:

    I agree with Tiago that the best investment is in yourself.
    So much of our time is spent on making money to invest in things.
    Surely your life and mind is the greatest investment you can make? What will you do with an investment that pays you out but you can no longer enjoy because you failed to invest in your health?
    How many people do you know who have retired but cannot enjoy their investments? Lives wasted following a dream that became a nightmare.
    Time, education, personal and spiritual growth are investments that you cannot lose and appreciate daily.
    Andre recently posted..Comment on Time Thieves Hijack Technology – Millions Missing by StringfreeMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      Investing on our minds is extremely important. From there we can see the things far beyond our limited perception.

      It’s a bit sad why some waste their time and energy investing on unworthy things like material possessions. :-) Walter recently posted..What investment in life do you think is worthyMy Profile

      • Curt Bizelli says:

        Hey Walter,

        “Investing in heat for the winter doesn’t make it A SHAME to Invest in air conditioning for the summer” … Brotha man, I followed you here from Gavin Mountford’s blog because I felt you left a comment of impact and significance that “stood out” and when I get here you have a really great way of stirring up conversation with great answers, however that statement I just read made me go “Wow, What does this kid have to learn?” …
        I completely agree that “ourselves” whether it be the mind or body, etc. are the most important investments we can make, HOWEVER that does not make investing in material possessions a bad thing like you so clearly suggested. As long as an item (even if its the mind) IS AN “ASSET” then it is the most highly profitable to invest in. I don’t think anybody here knows much about investing, because I didn’t hear the word “ASSET” one time. Keep in mind that your Mind is an Asset, your Soul is an Asset … so I’m not saying that its more beneficial to invest in material possessions by any means. I’m just saying that you’ve missed a key factor. Like you said, when you invest in something, it either brings good or bad (in other words). So look at it like this by asking yourself this question: Can you invest in harmful things to your mind and body? SURE YOU CAN! Are they investments? YES … Are they related to personal development? YES, they just do the “opposite” … so my conclusion is this. When it boils down to it, AN “ASSET” is the MOST WORTHY INVESTMENT! (doesn’t matter if its in yourself, others, the world, etc.) .. God Bless!
        Curt Bizelli recently posted..YOUcom Personal Branding for the Independent Online Entrepreneur &amp Standing Out in the Age of Advertising Overload! “It all starts with Passion”My Profile

  3. Wasim says:

    Learning to invest our time on love for others seems an unlikely option as we do it naturally but maybe we need to occasionally do it with the complete intention of doing it rather than instinctively.

    Little things smiling at times where our impatience may have the upper hand or being bothered to help someone to do those little tasks throughout the day that may help to take the burden of someone else.

    Thees things do not sound like investments but when help is required it is more likely to be there when we need it from people that we have helped and loved along the way so a good investment in love and helping others is good.

  4. Aileen says:

    Investing time & energy into:
    our families
    our best relationships
    ourselves -our personal & spiritual growth
    & investing in education

    Those I’ve found to be quite worthy investments :)

    You offer a great thought to ponder with this post!!
    Aileen recently posted..“Make friendship a fine art”My Profile

  5. Hi Walter,

    To me the best investment is taking the time to master oneself and to discover what life is all about. Inner peace and happiness can be had by all of us but we look for it in the wrong places and we go about it in wrong ways.

    When we look for knowledge…we learn more about life, ourselves and others.

    I also think another wonderful investment is love and I am not talking about romance here. I am talking about love in the ultimate sense. Everything in life is rooted in love on some level and in some form.

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you think are worthy investments.
    Nadia – Happy Lotus Lifestyles recently posted..Forgot About Mission Statements…What’s Your CreedMy Profile

  6. Mandy June says:

    I love the topic of this post. Something that is worthy of investing your time and money in is your FAMILY. I think that with a good family behind you, all things are possible. I see that in my family and I am very fortunate to have been born into a loving and motivating family. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    Mandy June recently posted..Beverly Hills- 90210- A Look at Then and NowMy Profile

  7. J.D. Meier says:

    I simply invest in who I want to be and the experiences I want to create. It’s an easy way to guide myself on a regular basis.
    J.D. Meier recently posted..Conflict BooksMy Profile

  8. Investing is creating a better YOU in future and also creating a platform for yourself to expand and promote yourself with several opportunities is the most essential thing according to me.. I think we should work towards it for a successful life and Career..
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