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How to develop a writing skill

If you want to be a writer but believed you don’t have the “gift” to be one, then you certainly won’t be. The common misconception of many is that writing is an inborn talent vested upon those by an “arbitrary” Creator. The truth however is that anyone can be a writer, you just need to make a choice of becoming one.

Nobody was born a master of words. Even if one was born a genius she still needs to learn how to properly and artfully intersect words. Never believe the fallacy that writing favors only the chosen few: you can be everything you want to be if you don’t consider any impossibility. It is either you start writing or you don’t write at all. With every effort you give despite the initial difficulty, the more you become eloquent in the art of writing; if you settle your aspiration for writing on dream alone, you will achieve nothing.

When I started this blog a year ago I was having difficulty expressing my ideas into words. Each paragraph comes with a struggle, and completing an article makes my nose bleed. Still, I didn’t accept the fact that I’m unable to write coherently. I persevered. And with my persistence I’ve discovered a valuable truth: the mind shall evolve according to one’s will, like a muscle growing in response to stress.

With this let me share with you the following methods I have employed to develop my writing skill:

Read, read and still read

When we were in school we were taught the proper way of constructing words. However there are those—like me—who are having a hard time comprehending the oftentimes confusing rules of grammar. While I do not question the conventional ways of learning how to write, there are other methods over which one can learn proper word construction. In my experience, reading proves to be the most powerful in developing one’s skill in the proper weaving of words.

With reading, one can learn the right grammatical construction without having to remember the technical rules of English taught in classroom or text books. You will slowly develop within yourself the knowing of whether a particular composition is grammatically correct or not. Of course, be choosy of what you read. The more intellectual the materials you read, the deeper will your understanding be about the subtleties of words.

Make it a habit to read. Not only will you widen your wisdom about things, it will develop in you the skill to write eloquently. So grab a good book and start reading. You’ll never regret it.

Write, write and write

In order to be a writer you need to force yourself to write. Even if it’s hard to put into words your thoughts, make an effort to do so. Writing is a skill that requires honing. If you get lazy, intimidated or cowered by its initial difficulty then you’ll be denying yourself the opportunity to discover an untapped aspect of yourself. Writing is a form of self expression and you can touch other peoples’ lives with it. In my case it is a way for me to keep my sanity. J

With every new endeavor that we plunge into (in this case writing), challenges are inevitable. Great writers have not become who they are overnight; they have had their share of failures and disappointments. However, due to their tenacity, perseverance and capability to evolve for the better, they have elevated themselves to greatness. Remember, success favors those who are persistent—even when hope seems to be in abandon.

Start writing now, even if it’s hard for you to construct even a sentence. You’ll be surprised to discover your capacity to improve as you push through. Believe me, you will master writing in no time.

Learn from mistakes and evolve

There are some I have witnessed who have failed over and over again despite their staunchness in pursuing their aspirations in life. The reason perhaps is their inability to learn from their mistakes and evolve accordingly. Einstein once quoted that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In order to develop one’s writing skill, it is not enough to persist; one should always remember to be mindful of the results she is getting with her efforts. What proves to be erroneous should be abandoned and what is ideal should be developed further. Never let your ego and fear of failure prevent you from evolving for the better.

Once I have thought that writing is an impossibility task for me, until I have decided to push through. I was surprised to discover that I am capable of doing the things I put my mind into.  In the end it is up to us to allow ourselves to reach the things we want to achieve.

Do you want to have a writing skill?

The answer lies within you. Allow yourself and you shall be.


Finding it hard to even start with your goals?

Whether it’s breaking from poverty, getting your dream job, succeeding in business endeavors, losing weight, finding employment, getting a harmonious relationship, acquiring wealth and power, writing that bestselling book or any goals you want to materialize, there’s a force within you that will always inhibit you from achieving success. 99% of those who attempted with their goals fail, and the reason is their lack of knowledge about their very own participation in their failures. Our early conditioning programs us to fail but by identifying and overcoming them, success will favor your efforts. Let me help you in identifying them in my ebook below at a very low expense on your part.

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15 Responses to “How to develop a writing skill”

  1. Alien Ghost says:

    Hi Walter,

    Reading, writing and adapting or correcting are such simple elements to use yet so important in developing the writing skills we search for; those combined with the tenacity of keep pushing will no doubt take us to our desired results.

    The biggest problem I’ve seen around though is the lack of trust in oneself capabilities which, for what I’ve noticed, is more a reflection of wanting to remain in a daydreaming state rather than facing the long road of self growth.

    So I like the way you present this that makes it possible to see how easy it is for those willing to take the challenge.

    Alien Ghost recently posted..Our New GOD!My Profile

    • Walter says:

      Every endeavor that we want to achieve in life has inherent challenges that we must face. We are all capable to overcoming such obstacles, the problem however is that we are not aware of this capability. Trust upon one’s self is the powerful weapon we can have to surpass any challenges that may come. :-) Walter recently posted..How to develop a writing skillMy Profile

  2. Dia says:

    Nice tips Walter :) The best thing is to read and write. The more we practice, the better we get at it.
    Dia recently posted..5 ways to get rid of painful memoriesMy Profile

  3. To me writing is about showing up every day. I don’t post on my blog every day, but I do write every day. If I don’t write I feel a little weird. It’s like food or water in a way.

    Writing helps me process my thoughts and feelings, making me slow down and figure out how to be happier.

    • Walter says:

      I’ve got that same way at looking at writing. Since I started to write I felt a certain kind of achievement that is priceless. It’s hard to explain but it feels good. :-)

  4. Moon Hussain says:

    WRiting, like anything, is a skill that takes time to develop (for some people).

    When I write consistently, I notice that the ‘flow’ is there. When I don’t, I have a hard time and the piece may read awkward.

    So….. write every day or often enough :) Moon Hussain recently posted..A Personal Update- 2 Months After the Move and Then SomeMy Profile

  5. J.D. Meier says:

    Spot on — learn from your mistakes and move on.

    I think of this as “carry the good forward” and let the rest go.
    J.D. Meier recently posted..Day 16 – Use Metaphors to Find Your MotivationMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      That’s right J.D. It’s unfortunate that most of us are mired in doing the wrong without knowing it. We must learn to be aware of our methods and evolve for the better. :-)

  6. rob white says:

    Very true, Walter. If you want to be a writer you simply must write and re-write everyday. Even on the days where nothing comes out it is essential to put in the time on the keyboard.
    rob white recently posted..Creating Money Matters – Not Reacting to ThemMy Profile

  7. poorblogger says:

    I’m agree with you.. I’m having problem with English writing especially it is not my primary language but I still work hard and improve slowly.. Nice article..

  8. Mandy June says:

    Writing is such an IMPORTANT skill. I basically worked my way through college with my writing skills. For those who have it, they’re very fortunate. For those who don’t it’s something worthy of developing for sure.
    Mandy June recently posted..Most Economists Favor Extending Bush Tax Cuts Do YouMy Profile

  9. Sajib says:

    You are right, Walter. If we don’t try, we can never learn to write. And I think writing is a gift that everyone has. They just need to practice.
    Sajib recently posted..10 Time Saving Form Filling AppsMy Profile

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