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Less than 1% succeeds in blogging. Why?

While I’m fully aware that some bloggers blog for the sheer pleasure of expressing themselves—as well as taking it as their hobbies—let me be clear that I don’t include them as part of the equation above. The bloggers I qualify herein are those whose goals are to earn or establish an authority online.

A year has passed since I started blogging and I have discovered many things about the true nature of success online. At first I had the misconception that going online would automatically earn me some recognition, authority, popularity and profit. But later did I learn that success in blogging requires more than wishful thinking, it is then that I realized that a bloggers character plays a vital role in the outcome of his/her online endeavor.

While ubiquitous are the methods of succeeding online—generously shared by those who have managed the ragged path—still few are able to find the golden egg. I myself am confused at the cause of this phenomenon, but it is only when I’ve actually experienced the difficulties that I’m able to identify the causes of such failure. Most of what I learned pertains to the bloggers capability to handle failure, adapt to change and openness to learn.

Some of the common difficulties a blogger encounters in the course of his/her blogging are:

Finding their right niche

Writing challenges

Coming up with interesting topics on a regular basis

Lack of know-how

Limited perspective

Lack of preparation

Still, my above-stated findings are not the core reasons of a bloggers failure.  There are more subtle forces that inhibit a blogger from surpassing the challenges that constantly comes his way. Ironically, one of the biggest factors that make success elusive for a struggling blogger is the blogger himself: the attitude he executes in dealing with difficulties.

Now you will ask: Where am I going with this?

As I am writing this I still am struggling at making this blog work. There are many times that I want to throw in the towel and abandon my work, but there’s something deep within me that’s holding me back. Despite the failure, disappointment and lack of motivation, a part of me refuses to give up. Could it be that I’m able to recognize the resistance of my mind?

The common orientation of the mind is to resist anything that pushes it out of its comfort zone.

Could I have gained the wisdom that success means facing and enduring any challenges that comes rather than manifesting weakness?

An old mantra I was reminded: It is only when we have reached our limits that the true battle begins. Perhaps this is the key to achieving success. When the feeling of giving up emerges, it is the time when we must be more vigilant with our struggle to push through. We can only discover our potential once we have reached our limits, but many are not aware of this powerful success principle. It is unfortunate that majority of us give up easily when we’ve reached our limits. Little is our knowing of the principle that any resistance or stress that we endure will yield the better in us. In blogging, the more a blogger pursues despite the seemingly unconquerable obstacle, the better he becomes; and the better he becomes, the more inevitable is his success.  No one was born a master of his craft; it is only through the weathering of challenges that he attains such status.

An overweight person will not lose weight if he never pushes himself to his limits; a muscle will not grow if we don’t subject it to stress. Same principle applies when we want to succeed in our blogging goals—we need to go despite the pain, we need to endure despite the stress, and we need to push even if we don’t have strength to go on. These are the caveats that most bloggers fail to incorporate in their methods.

Now I ask: Where you are in your struggles of achieving success online (or any particular goals that you’re working on?) Are you prepared to go beyond your limitations to experience the stress and hardships inherent in any journey to success? Will you easily abandon all you have worked for just to relieve yourself of the agonies of disappointments?

Success is like a race wherein you don’t see the finish line. Others have embraced the false perception that speed is the ultimate determinant of one’s success. As everybody puts on their top speed believing that they would reach the finish first they have forgotten that it is not about how fast you can go.  Tired and exhausted when many will realize that the finish line is no where in sight. Finally there will come a point when they believe that there’s really no finish and that only an insane person would push further to find it.

Now I know why 99% of bloggers fail, they simply stop believing in what they’re doing and they have allowed difficulties to drain their spirits. But guess what, those who are among the less than 1% knows much better, they know that success finds those who keep on pushing.

I can’t see the finish; I’m tired and exhausted. But I know that I need to keep on pushing.


Finding it hard to even start with your goals?

Whether it’s breaking from poverty, getting your dream job, succeeding in business endeavors, losing weight, finding employment, getting a harmonious relationship, acquiring wealth and power, writing that bestselling book or any goals you want to materialize, there’s a force within you that will always inhibit you from achieving success. 99% of those who attempted with their goals fail, and the reason is their lack of knowledge about their very own participation in their failures. Our early conditioning programs us to fail but by identifying and overcoming them, success will favor your efforts. Let me help you in identifying them in my ebook below at a very low expense on your part.

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41 Responses to “Less than 1% succeeds in blogging. Why?”

  1. Alien Ghost says:

    Hi Walter,

    “It is only when we have reached our limits that the true battle begins.”

    So true, not only for blogging but everything in life. The common point among successful people is just keep going, sometimes even if is in not the most efficient way, but just keep going, the rest will fall behind and the one standing will win.

    So many valuable people become lost because they didn’t keep pushing long enough.

    Great insight, thank you!

    Alien Ghost recently posted..Spiraling DownMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      Many people think of success as a race with a visible end, but they are wrong. In their effort to find the finish line they lose motivation when they cannot find it. The wise however knows that success is a test of perseverance, and so he keeps on going. :-)

  2. Walter: What a great post and a great message for anything that we are trying to accomplish. In the beginning when we set out to do something, we just assume that all we need to do is set a goal, put together a plan and then work toward what we are trying to accomplish day after day. However, there is always so much more going on in our quest and often times we learn not only how to succeed at what we are trying to accomplish, but lessons that are important for our life and how we live. It is all about being patient and confident and letting things unfold as they should on their own time frame. Thanks for a great post and the motivation to continue going :) Sibyl – alternaview recently posted..How To Ensure That You Get Out of Life Everything You WantMy Profile

  3. Joshua Noerr says:

    My blog is not really a part of my online income generation strategy. Releasing it from that box allows me to just do my best work and give as much as possible, and have a ton of fun doing it.

    Since I do make money in the affiliate world with niche sites, my biggest challenge is regarding what I call “shiny object syndrome.” New tools are always popping up, and I have to make sure that I stay my course, while exploring new options at the same time.

    • Walter says:

      Part of any journey to success is to resist the temptation to those shiny things. Losing are focus is very easy and we need to be vigilant not to fall for it. :-)

  4. Hi Walter,

    This is a great post and one that I am going to keep to re-read in the future when I feel I need some inspiration/motivation.

    Two months ago I didn’t know the first thing about websites/blogging but I have been steady learning and building my blog (and really enjoying it!). What resonates with me from your post is the misconception about how challenging it actually is. Like you, I thought that small degrees of success would come quicker than they are. This is not helped by the fact that most of the blogs that a new blogger looks are the big blogs that have already made it. It is not so easy to find and talk to the developing bloggers to get a healthy dose of reality.

    Anyway, love the post and I am going to bookmark it and regularly re-read to remind myself of the Napoleon quote that:

    “Victory belongs to the most persevering.”

    • Walter says:

      Thanks for the bookmark Brenton. I wrote this post as a motivation for myself as well as for others. I believe that success resides within us and it’s up to us to make it possible. :-)

  5. Hi Walter,

    I believe that most people fail in blogging because of their lack of passion and persistence. I think that passion is the most important thing when starting a blog. Without it you will not really have the power to keep on blogging every single week. Don’t you think?

    • Walter says:

      I cannot question the power of passion in making possible one’s success. With passion there’s no obstacle big enough to stop a person from pursuing his goals. :-)

  6. “Where you are in your struggles of achieving success online”
    => Depends on how to define success. This is not necessarily to make money from blogging (I never expected this).

    What I notice is that many bloggers quit after one or two years.

    I agree with pre-commenters – passion and persistence is important – not just when starting a blog – especially at the time when most finish, persistence is important.
    Martin Wildam recently posted..The value of experienceMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      I agree with you on this Martin, passion and persistence is extremely important. Whatever our aspiration for success we must stick with it. :-)

  7. Alissa says:

    I’m on my second blog that I took up with 4 others. I just don’t have the time to blog the way that I need to. I really enjoy blogging, but I also have a hard time picking my niche. I don’t feel like an expert in any subject, and I don’t want to make a blog that four hundred other people already have and are successful at!
    Alissa recently posted..What Grinds My Gears Today…My Profile

  8. rob white says:

    Hi Walter,
    This is a great and honest post. Personally, I see blogging as a tip of the ice berg. The real value is what lies below the surface. It is a great way to establish ones name and unique message in the public. My blogging supports my work as an author. It establishes my presence for the “good old boys”; the ones who book speaking engagements, buy books for distribution etc. The real monetary side does not come from the blog… rather from what the blog helps establish. Now, not only am I honing my writing skills, but it also helps me clarify concepts I am working on for my next book. I am a bit different because I see the blog as a way to spread the word about my book.
    rob white recently posted..Life Mastery 101My Profile

  9. Walter,

    Blogging seems easy enough now a days to start but to learn everything about it and market it is very tough. Many times people says content is king but I know many truly wonderfully written blogs do not get recognition because no one knows who they are.

    Blogging for either money or readership both are lot of hard work and some luck! I personally think you are doing great and authority site as far as I am concerned. Congratulations on one year and wisdom.
    Preeti @ Heart and Mind recently posted..No Spend Month Challenge- Update 1My Profile

    • Walter says:

      Thank you for your kind words Preeti. Part of succeeding in blogging is to learn to make a map going to your blog, it will take time like planting a seed; but what you plant, so shall you reap. :-)

  10. Martin says:

    Hi Walter,
    Happy 1st Blog birthday. Wish I had some helpful advice for you but I’m just learning the ropes too.

    Best wishes Martin.

  11. Hi Walter,

    I agree with Rob, this is definitely a great post. I myself fall victim to crushing spirits and getting distracted. But all this is only a test to help me appreciate what I succeed in life.

    Good stuff,

    Parker Lee | recently posted..11 Ways To Find Your Pursuit Of HappinessMy Profile

  12. Hi Walter,

    Happy Blog Anniversary! One year is a big milestone.

    For me, I had read Steve Pavlina and Problogger and knew both of them did not really start seeing success (however we define that) until approximately the two year mark. Knowing that, I knew if I was going to do anything with my blog, I had to stick with it. Along the way I found I really enjoy blogging and interacting with others. That to me has been a huge pay off. As for making money with my blogs, I don’t know if it will be the blog that makes it for me, or where the blog will take me that becomes my “success”. THAT, is still the unknown, and I’m patiently waiting to see the answer. :) Barbara Swafford recently posted..They Lied There Is No KingMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      Thank you Barbara. Steve Pavlina was my inspiration in starting this blog. The idea of having myself expressed in the form of writing has given me a sense of purpose. Like you I don’t really know where will I be going with this, all I know is that I love to write. :-)

  13. But what is your goal? What do you define as the “golden egg.” I write for three blogs EVERY day. I also have a “real” job. I blog for personal satisfaction. I blog because I don’t have to send copy to an editor on Word and get a rejection letter. I am my own editor. Sometimes I’m my own audience. One of the blogs pays me a little for every piece. Is that your “golden egg.” Are you looking to get recognition from Oprah and be the next Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz? Your blog as well as mine and hundreds of thousands of others are in competition with Facebook, Twitter, the mainstream media and more. I don’t know how I found your site, but if five people read it, you’ve made a difference in five people’s lives. That’s alone is quite an accomplishment. Soak that in a bit, then keep posting, every day. Whatever it is that you are looking for by blogging, mostly likely will happen, but I’ve been doing it for four years, and only recently have I received any recognition.
    Marshall J. Gruskin recently posted..Twitter is over capacity…My Profile

  14. Hi Walter,
    There are so many reasons for blogging and so many definitions of success. Let’s say it is for monetary reasons. The 1% that succeed are they in that group because they earn 100,000 a year or a million plus a year. We often see the gurus selling their stuff with the line “get rich quick…blah blah.” When one decides they don’t have to get rich quickly the goal becomes more attainable.

    Then those 1%…I would like to know are they out there enjoying live and their money or are they still chasing the illusion of fame and money? Because it’s never enough and you don’t have to answer that question because I think we all know the answer. Nice article…food for thought for all of us.
    Tess The Bold Life recently posted..It’s Time for Bold Family Lifestyle LeadershipMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      Like you’ve said there are many definition of success. My own definition of it is the reward for all of your hard work. But success alone will give us no lasting satisfaction. :-)

  15. Farouk says:

    that’s true Walter, and even a successful blogger sometimes has to start many blogs before one takes off
    Farouk recently posted..Response cached until Thu 22 @ 8:31 GMT (Refreshes in 0.10 Hours)My Profile

  16. Rick says:

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  17. Victor says:

    This is very true! I’ve tried to create several blogs in the past, and most have failed. One that I get a decent amount of traffic (~1.1k per day) all started as a programming diary for my own reference. The other blog I have is merely for my own entertainment. Blogging is an interesting hobby/past-time that I enjoy to this day.
    Victor recently posted..Whitewater Rafting on American River South Fork 2010My Profile

  18. Thank you for reminding me of this, Walter. I’m having a struggle right now with regards to my writing. But I guess such points as this one signal to us that the real battle has just begun to take place. Never give up indeed! :P Joyce at What Would You Do In Heaven recently posted..Can You Imagine ThisMy Profile

    • Walter says:

      I have had my writing struggles too but despite this seeming disadvantage I kept on pushing through. When my mind starts to resist, I summon my willpower to defeat any obstacles that come my way. You should too. :-)

  19. Tinh says:

    All point listed are correct and I just want to add that blogger must be consistent from the beginning to the end :-) Tinh recently posted..PayPal Electronic Withdrawal Service for Indian Bloggers Now ResolvedMy Profile

  20. I think your title “less than 1% succeed” is a little unclear. Like commenters above, ask you to define what is success? To some people to simply voice their opinion is a success, while making a few bucks to another is on the verge of success, and still others want an income to replace their current job, and anything less is a failure.
    Twila Ebbinger recently posted..Baby Shoe Charms Are Popular Baby Gifts updated Tue Dec 28 2010 3:39 pm CSTMy Profile

  21. Fred Tracy says:

    This is an excellent post, and I can identify with you. The fact that blogging takes so much work really brings the point home that we should blog about what we absolutely love. Anything else simply won’t work. Unless you love money enough to blog about making money online, as in the case of a few bloggers, that is.

    I tend to conceptualize becoming successful on the Internet in terms of how our own universe works.

    Let’s say our blog is a little speck of solar dust in the universe that is the Internet. Through our efforts, over time will gain more and more other little specs. This can be done through blog commenting, guest posting, and so on. We need these little specs to get big enough to attract bigger specs.

    Once we get even bigger, say the size of the moon, we can actually attract other celestial bodies (are you still with me?) I will then collide with us and make us that much bigger.

    Eventually become as big as a planet, and then a sun! In personal development blogosphere terms, I suppose that’s being like Steve Pavlina or something.

    But we all started out as a little speck. Gotta go from there, you’ll soon gain enough momentum to become as big as you conceivably like to be. :-) Fred Tracy recently posted..How to Never Get Bored AgainMy Profile

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