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How to make a difference in your life

If you are like most people who are bored with their mediocre lives living each day repeating their yesterdays task then join me in this short discourse and find out how you can make a difference in your life.

All of us have an inner yearning to change something in our lives. But due to our stubbornness, laziness and ignorance we become clueless as to how to make a way to enforce the changes we want. As a consequence, most of us settle on the deteriorating comfort of daydreaming to at least experience, albeit illusory, the change we want to manifest in our lives. There are silent moments when we contemplate with clarity the WHEN and the HOW of the changes we aspire—we set the date, the right moment and the perfect timing of execution—yet somehow, such opportunity never came.

Making a difference in our lives has always been at our disposal. The problem though is that we associate it with the “right” time. We make the habit of setting an ideal point in time rather than implementing it at soon as possible without waiting for the so-called “favorable circumstances.” The major setback with finding the right time is that such time does not exist. And in our effort to wait for such time, procrastination makes its way to stall us further.

Making a difference in our life starts when we decide to make it so. Irrespective of the task or situation we are in, every moment is an opportunity to make a difference. The degree of change we want is immaterial. What really counts are the small efforts we make everyday to slowly weave the changes we want in life. Whether we want to loose weight, or to learn to play certain instrument, or to learn to write, or to be a better person, or to achieve our goals, what will make the difference is our decision to make something at every moment to affect such change. The truth is really simple: without making any move nothing will change.

One great mistake most of us commit is preoccupying ourselves with useless thought processes. We spent much time on daydreaming, brooding, comparing, envy, jealousy, regret and any mind activities that serves no purpose others than to blind us of the opportunity of the moment. Rather than using our mind to think of ways to change our lives, we prefer to be satisfied with the false thinking that what we have is all there is—that it’s impossible for any of our aspirations to come true. Of course, we become what we think.

Life has its way of nudging us to the deeper aspects of our existence; it is those overwhelming encounters where our very bedrock is shaken. This could come in the form of life tragedies that alter our sense of awareness. I call this the turning point in one’s life. Unfortunately, most of us need to experience this event in order to see, with great clarity, a purpose and meaning. Once we have awakened to our own mortality, we will see life in a different light. We will realize our power to influence our fate and with this knowing comes the call to abandon the old self and embrace the new. Thus, one’s greatness will be unleashed.

If you want to make a change in your life you must first be awaken to your own fragility. You must see death, you must see suffering and you must see tragedy. You mind will not acknowledge the gift of the present until it experiences the reality of the moment. Our time in this life is very short and our status is uncertain. Remind yourself these always. To enforce this mindset you could try any of the following:

Imagine yourself dying. Feel what’s it’s like to have no more tomorrow. Honestly speaking, we can do great wonders once we knew we are to perish at any time. The thought of the past and future will vanish; what only counts are the few moments left for us to live. Why not think this way? After all, death is just around the corner.

See yourself in a scenario where you are crippled and useless. Perhaps this will make you realize the gift of mobility at your disposal. Oftentimes, we fail to see our capability until it’s too late.

Go to the emergency unit of a hospital and witness a person’s suffering. You’ll feel an eerie feeling surrounding your body. That feeling is the realization of your own mortality. Don’t wait for such moment to come into your life before you make a change. Few are lucky to be given a second chance.

Visit a funeral and see yourself in the casket. Think about the people you have leaved behind. What will become of them once you’re gone? Did you make your best to make a difference in their lives? Or will you be just an ordinary corpse whose memories will be forgotten with time.

The decision will always be ours. The capacity to affect the change we want depends on our mindset. If we allow limitations and discouragement to prevent us from materializing the aspirations we long in life then we have denied ourselves the opportunity to make the best out of life. Change is constant in the state of all things. Nothing evolves from being the same. Make a change in your life NOW or regret it later.

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32 Responses to “How to make a difference in your life”

  1. Walter,

    I have come here after going on searching for the right people in association with whom we can make the world a better place to live in. That has become a habit after I started blogging from January 2010. I have started reading your blog today after being referred to from another site. I liked this article and would like to republish it on my blog. At the same time I would appreciate if you have a look at mine and give me a feedback.

    Thanks and regards,

    .-= Suprio Ghatak´s last blog ..Why Can’t You Use Your Cell Phone on an Airplane? =-.

  2. Wow Walter this is a great article. To be honest I recently realized exactly what you are talking about here.
    To be honest I am not afraid of death. It’s as natural as being born.
    There are so many people worrying about what could happen in the future that they never get down to living in the present.
    A week ago I decided to think about what could happen to me, how I could die. Just the thought of losing all of the things around me made me appreciate my life that much more.
    Once again, great article Walter.

    • Walter says:

      Isn’t it liberating to realize the importance of being in the present moment? There’s so much we can do once we focus on the time being rather than being somewhere in time. :-)

  3. Jean Sarauer says:

    I have elderly parents and spend a fair bit of time with them at the doctor’s office and old folk’s home. Seeing the elderly in their twisted bodies, hunched over, minds often fading, keeps me present-focused.

    These folks often tell me they’d love to weed the garden or some other thing I consider a ‘chore.’ So, each day, I work on staying present and centered in gratitude for blessings that are all too easy to overlook.
    .-= Jean Sarauer´s last blog ..How to Kick Your Blog into Summer Gear =-.

    • Walter says:

      The greatest blessing we receive everyday is the gift of being able to see another day. It’s unfortunate that some prefer to be submerge in the past or in the future rather than the NOW. We don’t have the power to alter what was and what will be. We can only affect what we have in the present. :-)

  4. Kim says:

    Challenges and tragedies give us opportunities to discover life lessons, experience growth and appreciation.

    Early on I could intellectualize it, but I didn’t really know until I experienced losing loved ones. Now, I respect and value my time here at a deeper level.

    • Walter says:

      Experience will always be the best teacher. But when the option does not come it’s better to seek understanding rather than to settle in ignorance. :-)

  5. Hi Walter!

    “What really counts are the small efforts we make everyday to slowly weave the changes we want in life.”

    I do find that to be very much true. When the mountains of our dreams seem too tall and steep, we must remember it’s the daily steps that get us there.


    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Graduation Angel =-.

  6. Walter says:

    It is said that great things start from small beginnings. Every small things we make everyday can make a big difference in our future. :-)

  7. Lance says:

    This thought of funerals is one that always brings this up for me – this idea of the life choices I’m making. Whenever I attend a funeral – especially of someone on the younger side – it always reminds me of how fragile life is – and am I really leading the life that I want (if I really could have that life end at any time). With all of that – I have just started a full-fledged life coaching program with a wonderful and caring coach. Now is indeed the time that we have…

    And this really is written so well, to drive home the idea that it is really up to us, individually, to make that choice to change…
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

    • Walter says:

      Life is indeed very fragile. This is what I’m being reminded every time I’m in a funeral. It also made me realize the waste of time and energy I have made on things not worthy. We’ve got too little time to wander in the illusory state of past and future. Now is all we’ve got.

      Congratulations on your coaching Lance. Life is not worth if we didn’t give our best. :-)

  8. rob white says:

    Hi Walter,
    Great and thorough article. When we learn to take personal inventory of the contents of our daydreams, we can see how they transmute into form in our lives. Our day dreams have tremendous impact on our moods and our moods have extraordinary pulling power on our lives. Most peoples daydreaming has them Reactive Victims. When we vividly imagine our dreams and aspirations, we find ourselves becoming Creative Victors. The choice is ours: Reactive Victim or Creative Victor. Great conversation, Walter.
    .-= rob white´s last blog ..Take the time to treat the mind =-.

    • Walter says:

      I was once a reactive victim but life’s reality has taught me to change path. Day dreams does have an extraordinary pulling power, we just need to allow ourselves. :-)

  9. Mandy Allen says:

    As Napolean Hill says, ‘don’t wait, the time will never be just right’.

    Enjoy the journey.

    .-= Mandy Allen´s last blog ..If you don’t have a go you’ll never know… =-.

  10. Hi Walter,
    Thanks for pointing out that time and small steps are valuable if you use them NOW. Seeing that you might not have time tomorrow, seems to be the other half of the equation that the only time you can change is today.

    Hope you’re enjoying your day.
    Have fun,
    .-= Jim Greenwood´s last blog ..A Tribute To “Big Shoulders” =-.

  11. Walter,
    What a terrific post!

    You’re so right to say that most of us put off changes in our lives by waiting for the “right time” to make a change. The right time may never come you just have to do it!

    I’m embarrassed to say that you made me realize that I’ve been doing the very same thing! I’ve been meaning to start a second website – Powered by Intuition, but have been putting it off until I did this thing, or had that thing under control, etc. Thank you for the nudge. It’s just what I needed!

    I love your idea of being at your own funeral and survey whether you made enough of a difference in people’s lives too.

    Thank you. I truly enjoyed and got a lot out of this post
    .-= Angela Artemis´s last blog ..Awaken To The Truth of Who You Really Are =-.

    • Walter says:

      I’m glad to have provided you with the needed push Angela. To tell you the truth I have had the same mistake in the past, but we must learn to evolve from our mistakes. :-)

  12. Emily Jane says:

    Realising that I had the power to CHOOSE and DECIDE to shape my life instead of just settling for how it is has been the biggest, most freeing thing that’s ever happened to me. Making a difference in our lives, you’re right, has always been at our disposal – it’s just a matter of being willing to be an active participant in the shape our future takes that dictates whether our lives become ones we like or not :)

    • Walter says:

      I’m happy that you’ve realized such an important wisdom. I can sense that it has done wonders into your life. :-)

  13. Val Wilcox says:

    Wonderful thought-provoking post about living your life NOW, not waiting. We have the choice to be present in the now and share with others or exist.

    Stay open to all the experiences and lessons life offers you. Thanks for sharing your views,
    Val :) .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..What You Think of Me is None of My Business =-.

    • Walter says:

      Thank you Val. We can make a lot of difference in our life by just being aware of the NOW, after all, it is the only reality we can affect. :-)

  14. Alex says:

    Hey Walter, came over from your comments at my site and I am very impressed with what I see here. This particular post is really well constructed and you raise some very good points. I espeically like the line ‘Making a difference in our life starts when we decide to make it so. ‘ and it reminds of the mantra I try to live by which is “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”
    We all want to make a difference but until we change the way we do things, everything will stay the same. Ghandi said it best when said “Be the change you want to see in this world”
    Thanks Walter, fantastic post. Im all positive and motivated now

    • Walter says:

      Nice to see you here Alex and thanks for the kind words. We all create our own reality but oftentimes we don’t do it in the present moment, we rather do it in the confines of our imagination. :-)

  15. Sandra Lee says:

    Walter, you are such a deep and profound thinker. Reflecting on death and impermanence is a part of my daily meditation practice. As you say, this reflection so much wakes us up to the present moment and getting our priorities straight. Thank you.
    .-= Sandra Lee´s last blog ..An exercise in non-meditation =-.

    • Walter says:

      Thank you Sandra. You are wise in reflecting the reality of death in your daily meditation. Such will make you more mindful of the importance of the present moment. Let’s treasure every breathing life that we are blessed. :-)

  16. Walter: I think you make a really good point with this post. We can never become complacent and settle for not accomplishing all we can and everything we desire. I think once we decide that we will never settle for anything less we can really go after what we want. Very good points you made here.
    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..How to Always Perform in an Amazing Way =-.

    • Walter says:

      Thanks for the observation Sibyl. Ours will always be the decision to what will become of our lives. Let us not waste this rare opportunity. :-)

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  18. Baker says:

    The present moment and realizing the power in it, allows us to live life fully and authentically, because we are at the point of power in the moment. This is a wonderful article! :)

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