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Crippling habits people embrace


Majority of people living in this world have been thriving in sordid conditions; and I have always been puzzled by this strange phenomenon. Having superior brain and the authority over all things I can’t seem to understand why few are making a dignified existence in this life. Was it ignorance, or the system, or the arbitrariness of life?

The more I dig closer for answers the more I’m furthered from the truth. Finally, it dawned on me that I was searching in the wrong place. The answers are not to be found on the external plane. I have made a mistake! I’ve been extrapolating answers from effects, when I should have been focusing on the root of it all—US! We are the cause, we are the creator of our lot; we are responsible for our own miseries!

Let me ask you: Are you aware of who you are? Some may find this question silly but let me tell you that most of the time you are not aware of yourself. Most of your life you have been an actor playing a script written in the blueprints of your mind. And your producers are the outside forces that mold you into your current role—family, society, religion, affinities and nature: all has contributed their whims. These are the sources of the crippling habits that dominate your thoughts. To prove my point, here are the scripts with which you practice everyday to cripple yourself:

Self-imposed limitations

Man can accomplish great feats in his life but there’s one problem: he doesn’t know it! We have been brought up in this life believing that we have limits—or at least that’s what we have been led to believe.

Throughout the history of mankind great people (be they saint or insane) have proven the fallacy of the limitations of man. Empires, systems, civilizations, structures and technology have all manifested man’s unlimited capacity for dominance.

Are you aware of this gift? Don’t you know you can do anything what you set your mind into? I think only 1% of the world’s population knows this truth and the remaining 99% are hopelessly blind to see this fact. The big difference of successful people from ordinary people is that they see themselves capable of any endeavor; they don’t care whether or not they have the wherewithal to take on the task, it is enough that they confirm their intention. Yes, they are aware of the struggles but they allow no limitations upon themselves.

Unfortunately, most people suffer because they believed in their limitations and have lived accordingly. Do you belong to this kind?

Reverence to the past

Almost all of us are actors in the drama of our past and prefers to rot within its familiar security. No wonder siblings are the repetition of their parents. How easy it is for us to deliberate matters based on the past rather than the realities of the moment. This is the endless cycle of our evolution, and that is why we always inherit the sins of our fathers.

What good can we gain from this backward approach in life? Does it make us happy? Does it make us wealthy? Does it make us grow? Does it bring us peace? No they don’t! Instead, it holds us back from exploring the possibilities ahead. We treasure hatred, misery, pain, failures, dissatisfactions, and keep it neatly in a little box inside our minds, always making sure to revere them at every interactions with life.

When you wake up in the morning, are you really awake? If so, did you see the reality of the moment? Did you see forgiveness? Did you forget the pain, the misery, the failure? Have you finally opened your eyes?

The amazing power to live in fear

Fear is the natural enemy of success. But don’t get me wrong. Fear is necessary for survival, without it most life forms will perish. Fear is a mechanism of protection but we humans have expanded it to a mechanism for stagnancy. From it spawns negative imaginings and the worst part is we live in it. Instead of seeing opportunities around us, we focus on the illusory threats that drain our mental energies. Unless we understand the true nature of fear, we can never accomplish anything beyond it.

Fear is a guide NOT a threat. Fear should be responded with courage, not with cowardice.

Servants of vices

Jealousy is always preferred over understanding. Forgiveness is weakness in the arms justice. Procrastination is a goal instead of action. Extending blessings we are thrift compared to casting curse. Hatred is on a pedestal while peace is on our feet. Instead of growing we hail our bigotry. Sum this all up and one will gain an ugly scar of life, and with that scar comes a blighted way of existence.

Always a victim

Why do people settle on being a victim? I see no benefit deriving from it. I only see manifestation of weakness and a confirmation of helplessness. What will happen to a victim if his cry for help are not met? He will only be the one to suffer. Why? Because he relies on someone for salvation, he is blind of his capability to deliver himself.

A victim loves complaining, and cursing, and asking, and expecting, until he comes to his own deterioration. And with his last breath he’s still wondering why life has been hard on him. He labels everything and anything with profanities, he does nothing to change his situation because he believes he had been done wrong and it’s not within his lot to make amends. Pure foolishness!

People with this debilitating attitude ends up in penury.

Intelligence in all aspects of ignorance

Only upon accepting our ignorance do we start to gain wisdom. Unfortunately, the practice of people nowadays is to pretend they know everything. The fact of admitting ignorance on certain matters has proved to be an embarrassing experience for many. It has been the false dictum of our ego to equate ignorance with stupidity, and this foolish belief has led many to confusion.

As we grope through life with our ego-claimed knowledge, we make errors in our judgment. We try to make sense of the things happening around us but nothing comes to light; and since we are adamant in our self-righteousness we end up repeating the same mistakes. In every aspect of our life, we flaunt our ignorance under the façade of knowledge. And it serves us well in keeping us in the crooked path

Have I convinced you of these proofs? I hope so.

In the past I find it ludicrous the findings of science that we humans use only 3% of our brains; now I understand why. The remaining 97% is cluttered with lies and misconceptions that we prefer to treasure than to let go.

To my dear readers, I want to ask you a direct question: Where do you stand?

You can fool me with your answer, but you can never fool yourself of the consequences.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

– Maria Robinson

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Our lifetime is not enough to know all the experiences of life. Therefore, we need to have other sources in maximizing our understanding of the many facets of our existence. In this regard I am bound to share with you the most powerful materials that have shaken my foundation and have changed my life as well as the lives of many.

Life is full of questions but I have found answers in perusing the books: The Road Less Traveled, Man’s Search for Meaning and The Power of Now, these has given me light on the deepest nature of man. Still, in searching for ways of enhancing my life I have found: Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big and Thick Face Black Heart. In matters of understanding my mind I was greatly enlightened by the suspense filled novel’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior, A Rich Man’s Secret and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. And finally, I have understood the pattern of my finances through reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Everything we wish in life will come upon us if we first seek the wisdom of knowing.

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70 Responses to “Crippling habits people embrace”

  1. Tim says:

    Great post, Walter. This post embarked on several habits that place limitations on people.

    People who seem to have so much faith in themselves that they believe they can do anything are AMAZING to me. Where do you think this attitude originates from and how do you think the average person can embrace this habit into their everyday life?

    • Walter says:

      @Tim – We all have faith in us Tim. If you apply it into your life, great things will manifest. You have a choice, use that choice. Two yeas ago I find it hard to compose even a sentence, but I never believed in this limitation, I believe that I can do it. And here I am. :-)

  2. Jack says:

    Your mindset does make a huge difference. For some inspiration, which we can all use sometimes, check out these short videos — — about some people who overcame some pretty long odds and big obstacles to achieve their goals. Hope you enjoy them. If you do, click and vote for them, as the top vote-getters will be used as aha moment TV commercials next year.

    Best of luck to all,

  3. Hi Walter,

    Nice post. I think you’re right that people keep themselves trapped in mental prisons and seem blind when the escape tunnel is right in front of them.

  4. DJ says:

    This is such a powerful post Walter. I was wondering if you read any Napoleon Hill books? The last time I read or heard anything like this was through my idol Dr. Napoleon Hill. Great post Walter.

    • Walter says:

      @DJ – I have heard of that popular book but I don’t remember to have read it. I’m a bookworm you know, I would certain have a copy of it and read it. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  5. Hi Walter,

    Independent of the brain we should focus on the mind. It is without limit, although many believe that not to be the case. Whatever we want to achieve is already inside of us: hopes, ambitions, desires. These are just waiting to be uncovered. The blockages – the negative traits you mentioned above – are what need to be removed in order to see these wonderful thing.

    Awesome insight, thanks for sharing.


    • Walter says:

      @ Ryan – Correct Ryan, we should be independent of our brain, we must tune in with our higher self. There is where our greatness resides. :-)

  6. nathan says:

    I believe that on this principle: “No Guts, No Glory” Excellence is within reach if we only we would persist on attaining it.

  7. VanillaSeven says:

    Hi Walter, what a great blog you have here :)
    I like your theme, very clean and neat.
    Your explanation about crippling habits are enlightening!

    Thanks for dropping by at VanillaSeven!

  8. Omar says:

    Great article. I spar with my mind everyday.

  9. Hi Walter,

    Awesome post and you did a great job at pinpointing the things that humans do which get in their own way.

    As for me, the one area that I have had to work on throughout most of my life was the self-imposed limitations. Come to think of it, the limitations were imposed upon me by the events that I experienced as a child.

    So I had to work at seeing that there are no limitations. Life is what you make of it. :)

  10. Christa says:

    Hi Walter,
    When someone is surrounded by negative people, he is attracting them. The moment you choose to be a happy person, you will be surrounded by happy people. Have a look at this program:
    All you have to do is to listen to a recording once a day and soon things in your life will change.
    Reading this article you are in the know and this is, as you mention here, what very few people achieve. Though this knowing has to also be in your unconscious.

  11. Hey Walter.

    About that victim mentality, it is sort of disturbing. I will take one person I know for this example. Even after reading an article about the victim mentality, and exactly what victims say, and telling him that there was an article that said he would say the things he would say, he still said them. It doesn’t really make sense when it is that obvious, but it is only obvious from our side. Taking on the victim mentality is what loads of people do for the shortest-term gain, and it looks ridiculous to people from a distant viewpoint.

    Solid post there sir.

    I would say, for that ending question, that I have many good habits already built in, and am one-by-one repairing or replacing others, and that is where I currently stand.

    • Walter says:

      @Armen – More often than not, victims are very stubborn on being victims. They deny even the most starkest fact. It’s much easy to play the victim because victims expect salvation, and salvation is life’s most meager. :-)

  12. Ching Ya says:

    Very powerful message, hopefully it can inspire many as it inspires me to go all out, fully utilize the ability given to do what you’re born to do. Limitation, fear, worry is always preventing us to go further. Sometimes inevitably surroundings and our upbringings too. I would say there’s no ‘too late’ to discover one’s ability if he/she still very much alive. Changes can still be made, everyone is responsible for his/her own ending.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Walter says:

      @Ching I hope so Ching, there’s a lot in life we can discover, if only we release the habits that inhibits each one of us. :-)

  13. Robin says:

    Hi Walter – all great points! What is interesting is that many people don’t even realise the conditions of their life are the results of old habits – if they did, they might be more inclined to do something about changing them. Cheers – Robin

    • Walter says:

      @Robin – Change is a scary thought for most people. It’s one of the major reason why we are crippled as we journey through life.

  14. THE GUYS says:

    “To know what/that you don’t know, is the first step to actually knowing.”

    You’re right. People prefer to think they know or PRETEND they know instead of actually truly understanding something.

    It’s all based on fear.

    • Walter says:

      @The Guys – Absolutely, acknowledging our ignorance is the first step of knowing. Pretensions is nothing more than degradation if practiced throughout our life. :-)

  15. fas says:

    Very well said there. If we use even 10% of our brains then we would not be stupid enough to be like George W Bush!

  16. Hi Walter,

    What a great post and observation. I do agree. We are only limited by the limitations we put on ourselves. Unfortunately it is those conversations we have within our own heads that can keep us from being in that top 1%.

    Your closing line and the quote you shared at the end are perfect. Thank you!

  17. I thought your line about fear was great, “Fear is necessary for survival, without it most life forms will perish. Fear is a mechanism of protection but we humans have expanded it to a mechanism for stagnancy.” Whenever I pondered why we’re so hardwired for negativity, I came up with the same answer you did: fear helped us survive. Paying attention to negativity (threats) was necessary way back when. Today? It keeps us stuck for the most part.

    So here’s to embracing our power, and creating the lives we’re all destined to lead: blissful, fulfilled, and full of love.

  18. Great post Walter.

    I’d also like to add that living a dignified existence doesn’t depend on where we’re born or our surroundings. I’m greatly inspired by those who live with dignity and compassion despite appalling circumstances – poverty, war etc.. They are some of the true, often unsung heroes.

    Those of us living in the wealthier and more peaceful parts of the world really have no excuse for any of the things you mention. If someone like Viktor Frankl can retain his human dignity through one of the worst creations of mankind, then it’s possible for us all.

    Thanks for the article!

    • Walter says:

      @Ian – I agree with your additional wisdom, even the unfortunate can make their lot better, if they chose to. I admire Viktor Frankl strength during the time he was on a seeming peril in Auschwitz. :-)

  19. askcherlock says:

    Walter, you have a very powerful post here with much to consider. This post is one I will bookmark for further study because it warrants our attention.

    My mother gave me sage advice when I was fifteen and had an abusive, alcoholic father. She said that I had “choices.” I could choose to take a negative life-path and everyone would understand given the circumstances. Or, she said, I could turn my life into a positive reflection of what I had learned and choose a better path. She was a wise woman giving this advice at a turning point in my adolescence. I learned how to not play the “victim” card and to rise above the sins of my father. It was an inner struggle, I can tell you, but I am thankful for my mother’s wisdom.

    • Walter says:

      @askherlock – Nice to hear this from you. And I’m glad you have become aware of your choice; you’re lucky to have a mother who is full of wisdom. :-)

  20. Doug Shaw says:

    I like this Walter, some interestig points you raise. Fear and how people manage it/react to it fascinates me. In the spirit of sharing, here’s a little something on fear for you and your friends.

  21. BK says:

    In seeking knowledge, the most crippling thought is to think that one knew everything about the subject that one was seeking. There is a saying, “the more I learn, the more I realise how little I know.”

  22. Love says:

    Yes my mind has taken over me. And I am trapped by the results of it. The more I try to … I don´t know what words could I use.

    I could say that I am surrounded by monsters that have come out of my mind. And I don´t know how can change that manifestation of the vampires and ghosts that I was holding or carrying within.

  23. Love says:

    They are here, that´s all I know.

  24. Love says:

    And sometimes I loose perspective and get very trapped by my emotions and my mind makes my True Self fall asleep and in those moments, my mind even like to take me to the egdes of suicidade.

    Is funny, isn´t it?

    I don´t know who is talking now; if my mind trying to look for salvation or … ?

    Probably my mind.

    Thanks for writting.

  25. Michael says:

    Excellent post Walter, ultimately for the whole problem boils down to comfort. Only when we begin to seek out situations that scare us can we truly starting growing our capacity.

  26. Hope says:

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog a few days ago.
    You are an amazing thinker. This was a very thought provoking post.
    So this is where I stand: I’m very caught up right now with turmoil in my life. But in a strange way I find it freeing, because old things are dying off and new things are being born. I’m finding parts of myself that I thought were lost. I wont accept being a “victim” any more and this is most liberating.

    • Walter says:

      @Hope – I’m glad you have gathered the strength to pick up the lessons in your turmoils. Life is all lessons, when adversity strikes we must look at its purpose on our being. I believe that it is all for our growth. :-)

  27. Brad West says:

    OK Walter I read the whole post, I agree you need to first figure out who you are be aware of where you have been is the past and you have no control over it, don’t let it have control over you. The future will be here soon enough as the now you are in.

    Confidence, know that you know. Make a definite plan of where you want to be in your future and own it like you are there already. Just know that you know!

    Brad West ~ onomoney

    • Walter says:

      @Brad – You’ve shared an important point Brad, we must make a definite plan for our futures and be part of it.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)

  28. Rocky Garcia says:

    @ Nadia – You’re absolutely right. In this life, there will be no boundaries just like the NIKE said: Impossible is nothing. Have a happy day everyday! :-) .-= Rocky Garcia´s last blog ..Cool FarmVille Prints =-.

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  30. “Are you aware of this gift? Don’t you know you can do anything what you set your mind into? I think only 1% of the world’s population knows this truth and the remaining 99% are hopelessly blind to see this fact. The big difference of successful people from ordinary people is that they see themselves capable of any endeavor; they don’t care whether or not they have the wherewithal to take on the task, it is enough that they confirm their intention. Yes, they are aware of the struggles but they allow no limitations upon themselves.
    Unfortunately, most people suffer because they believed in their limitations and have lived accordingly. Do you belong to this kind?”

    Great thoughts! Ive been really working on keeping my focus and uni-tasking. Ive definitely been finding out that whatever I set my mind to, I can accomplish. Awesome article, Walter !
    .-= Rocky | ROCKONOVA.COM´s last blog ..HBAUSTRIA =-.

    • Walter says:

      @Rocky – Thanks Rocky. Focus only on what is beneficial and lasting for it will give you satisfaction and happiness. :-)

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  32. [...] Crippling habits people embrace [...]

  33. [...] Crippling habits people embrace [...]

  34. [...] Crippling habits people embrace [...]

  35. [...] Crippling habits people embrace [...]

  36. [...] Crippling habits people embrace [...]

  37. Mike Shippey says:

    Walter – what a fantastic and powerful post.

    When we realize that all limitation is self imposed, and then turn the table and refuse to accept it, we become empowered to accomplish anything we set in our hearts and minds.

    I just found your site via one of my Twitter friends. Good stuff. You have a great perspective and I look forward to reading more from you.

    All the best

    • Walter says:

      Hey Mike thanks for the complement. Our true capabilities will only be unleashed if we let go of our our negative habits. All of us has the capacity for greatness, but we refuse to make that choice. It is up to us whether we want to live life to the fullest or to wallow in misery. :-)

  38. Tangerine says:

    I agree! I have so much conflict with me too and I’m still working it out. It’s great that your blog has so much positivity in it. :) Tangerine recently posted..Spring comes forth in my heartMy Profile

  39. Truly inspiring post Walter. I agree with the points you have made here. I think that too many people think that they cannot achieve certain things. As you’ve said, you impose limitations on yourself even though you shouldn’t. And also fear keeps people from doing what they have wanted to do all along.

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