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Spell QUALITY on your blogs

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There are many articles in the internet that spill techniques on monetizing from your blogs. Although many of the strategies presented are proven, I want to elaborate on the most important factor a blog should possess—Quality.

Many blog sites I have visited compel me never to return—they offer nothing other than straightforward and lifeless advertisements. However there are also many interesting sites that do make an impression; they give me something beneficial to my well being and shared some insights I’m not aware of. In short, those sites have quality imprinted upon them.

Understandably, majority of bloggers are interested on monetizing from their blog. But with this initial approach many have made the mistake of rushing in on the money-making aspects of blogging. In the process, they lose track and get confused as to why their system didn’t worked. Their means go against their ends.

Fellow readers, I want to emphasize the importance of quality on web blogs; a good content will generate a life of its own and will keep it on the ranks. Whatever it is you are promoting on you blog, it is imperative to have the following:

It must appeal to the sensibilities of the reader

This is the most crucial element of your blog. You don’t want your visitors to felt betrayed when they found out you’re contents are nothing more than lifeless narratives, don’t you? Make sure to put a heart on the subject you posted, it should be sensible and engages the emotions of the readers. A good bloggers’ work is palpable; his/her craft will speak of itself—generating approval among readers. If your content is technical or scientific, don’t confuse your readers with jargons, play a little analogy to generate understanding. Your blog portrays your character, it should make an impression. Even a chance visitor will get caught if they found it addressing their concern.

It has to tap to the needs of the visitors

Visitors come to your web blogs because they are looking for something: interesting topics, answers to some nagging questions, discussions that relate to their needs, helpful insights about life, and many more.

Whatever it is make sure your blog provides the most important aspect of the subject you present. You don’t really know what your readers are searching for, but it would be an advantage if you provide them with some insights that you’ll think will provide them with some helpful options.

Visitors will learn something new

When I’m surfing on the internet, I get caught with those web blogs that gives me interesting insights. A few years ago, to tell the truth, I have no idea what blog is. It came by accident when I visited a web blog about personal development—actually it was Steve Pavlina’s web page. It gave me a profound outlook on life; and it has opened my mind to things I am ignorant of. Since then life have never been the same, it has inspired me to share myself to others—hence, this site.

In life, helping someone builds loyalty and trust, be it among strangers. Helping is a universal language that transgresses the barriers of culture; its virtue can surely travel in cyberspace. Make it a practice to extend a helping hand: you’ll be surprised.

Make it simple

Practice simplicity in your words and presentation. Don’t brag your expertise with loud words only you can understand.  Don’t make gaudy presentations that will only confuse your visitors. Your blog must appeal to the general preferences.

So there you have it; powerful ways to a quality blog. Incorporate these into your blog before turning to profit building. Remember, without quality all your promotional strategies are a waste of resources.

“You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal”

William Burroughs (1857 – 1898)

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23 Responses to “Spell QUALITY on your blogs”

  1. Keith says:

    You really nailed it with this article. When I was doing research before starting my blog, nearly every article I read or blog I visited went on and on about SEO, monetizing, advertising, buying links, etc. All of those things have a place but without quality content what does that leave? Just another commercial..


  2. Ben says:

    As Keith said above, without giving something to the reader so that they will want to visit your blog in the first place, monetization is useless.

    Really nice article. Thanks.

  3. LOVE the William Burrough’s quote. But what do you do about people who only eat MacDonald’s food, who wouldn’t know a fine meal from a plate of chemicals and grease? Is there a Big Mac of blogs? Oh yeah, the blogs of gossips and for lack of a better word — haters, also the ones who try to stifle legitimate free speech.

    YOU are not a gossip or a hater and this is a post meant to inspire.


    And quantity? I guess quantity is a whole new can of blogging worms?

    • Slinger says:

      Let them eat their MacDonald. They deserve that choice. But a time will come when we will settle for quality when our body requires it.

      Thank you for your comment. :-)

  4. Jason says:

    I don’t mean to be a dick, and if it sounds like I am please accept my apologies, however you are talking about correctness on blogs and I can’t go without correcting you. In your first sentence you say “there are many articles in the internet that spills techniques on monetizing…” Shouldn’t that be “there are many articles in the internet that SPILL techniques on monetizing…” right?

    Besides that I agree with you in this article.

    • Slinger says:

      One of my favorite book is Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots and Leaves. I want to be careful of my semantics.

      I thank you very much for this correction. Rest assured that I will heed your suggestion.

      Thank you very much. I really appreciate your concern. :-)

  5. Rob Canyon says:

    Great article about quality.

    Blogs need to be treated as your home and therefore imagine how interested visitors would be at your real home if the first thing you did was try to sell them something.

    Alternatively, you offer them a drink and something to eat usually before getting too excited about any kind of conversation.

    The whole objective with entertaining a visitor being to have them leaving felling better about themselves by the time they left.

    Great objective. Even though I may not always get it right, its certainly my objective.

    Happy blogging.



  6. Absolutely correct.
    All the topics mentioned by you are really notable.

  7. Quality is what really matter but it’s not only the quality its also the simplicity of writing. Suppose you are writing an article on servers but you use all the rocket science words.. I think hardly any reader will drop into your blog…

    • Slinger says:

      You’re definitely right about this. A layman would have a hard time understanding technical jargon.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)

  8. Lori says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and chose to read this post first. Wonderful advice. I’ll be sure to return to read many future posts.

  9. ZXT says:

    I guess you are right. If we write with quality articles then we readers will come and come back again. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Thanks for sharing this site. I’m happy you guys stopped by Financial Samurai, and I look forward to reading more quality posts from you guys! :D

  11. Robert says:

    This is definitely something that needs to be said.

    I created my blog more as a way to network, and provide a community for discussion. I really didn’t think that I should have at first, but I got to the point where I was visiting and commenting on too many blogs already. To this day, I still don’t know if I should even be a blogger, even though I am still barely getting my blog together. I’m not sure if I want that as part of my identity. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but my first concern was do actors blog? And if so are they professional actors? Self- doubt still consumes my thoughts

    • Walter says:

      @Robert – If you were to be a blogger, you will continue your work and your passion will never run out. But if you are having doubts, then you have to reconsider your blogging choice. As you blog remember to learn along the way. :-)

  12. Jayce says:

    Agree. Always put content at the first place. Money comes later. Readers will only come back when your posts are worth to read. 8) .-= Jayce´s last blog ..How to hack Facebook account profile =-.

  13. Summer Lewis says:

    it is really hard to build massive traffic on a website. you need to promote your website by blog commenting or PPC advertising`;~

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